Bipartisan bill would have local governments use .gov to strengthen cybersecurity defenses

Aiming to help local governments bolster their cybersecurity posture, a bipartisan quartet of senators have introduced legislation that would mandate the use of the .gov domain for websites and email. The DOTGOV Online Trust in Government Act of 2019 introduced by Senators James Lankford, R-Okla., Gary Peter, D-Mich., Ron Johnson,

Katie Hill’s husband says he didn’t leak photos, tells parents computer was hacked

The computer belonging to the husband former Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., who resigned from Congress after photographs and texts showed she and her husband participated in a three-way relationship with a young campaign staffer, was hacked, Hill’s estranged spouse reportedly told his parents. “He was hacked, is what he says,”

Gafgyt variant exploits 3 devices to target game servers with DDoS attacks

Researchers have uncovered a new variant of Gafgyt malware (aka BASHLITE) that infects home and small-office routers and networking equipment in order to recruit them into a botnet that bombards gaming servers with distributed denial of service attacks. One of its attacks involves a payload is specifically designed to attack

Cyber-security super-brain Rudy Giuliani forgets password, bricks iPhone, begs Apple Store staff for help

What do you expect from Mister ‘Truth isn’t truth’? The month after Rudy Giuliani was named the US president’s cybersecurity adviser, the former mayor of New York queued up outside an Apple Store in San Francisco to get staff to reset his iPhone because he couldn’t remember the passcode.…