Mind Your Own Business Act beefs up privacy protections, gives consumers dominion over data, punishes execs

The Mind Your Own Business Act, privacy legislation introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Friday, aims to protect data and punish corporate executives who abuse it. Billed by Wyden as going further than the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the bill would let consumers control how their data is used

Deus ex hackina: It took just 10 minutes to find data-divulging demons corrupting Pope’s Click to Pray eRosary app

Vatican coders exorcise API gremlins but, we must confess, they missed little monster…. Exclusive  The technology behind the Catholic Church’s latest innovation, an electronic rosary, is so insecure, it can be trivially hacked to siphon off worshipers’ personal information.…

Trojanized Russian-language Tor browser lets attacks steal from users’ e-wallets

Researchers have discovered a trojanized version of a Tor private browser that targets Russian-speaking dark web marketplace visitors and lets cybercriminals steal from their e-wallet transactions. The developers behind the malicious browser have so far stolen at least $40,000 in bitcoin, although the true number is likely higher. Researchers from