Ashley Madison breach victims further embarrassed by ransom demands five years later

Five years after a high-profile data breach of an infidelity website where users could meet to start an extramarital affair, users of Ashley Madison are now increasingly finding themselves victimized by extortion plots to pay about $1,000 in bitcoins to save them further embarrassment. The current scheme, uncovered by Vade

Indian airline hacked, vulnerability exposed by ethical hacker

An apparent data breach of Indian airline SpiceJet calls into question white-hat tactics to expose network vulnerabilities and protocol. The airline’s hack, compromising the data of more than 1.2 million passengers, including Indian government officials, was first reported by TechCrunch, which learned of the incident through an unnamed security researcher,

Hackers play on Coronavirus fears to spread Emotet

Cybercriminals are exploiting fears over the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, sending out emails with malicious Word attachments purportedly providing updates on preventing infection but in actuality delivering the Emotet trojan. “Patients were reported about the new type of coronavirus-related pneumonia, mainly in Takeshi, China. Patients have been reported in

Attempts to define international infosec rules of the road bogged down by endless talkshops, warn diplomats

Do you want Russia or China writing treaties on what’s cool online? FIC 2020  International progress on state-level so-called cybersecurity “norms” is hopelessly bogged down in an explosion of NGOs and internal United Nations rivalries between two overlapping groups, a French security conference heard this week.…