AMD dials 911, emits DMCA takedowns after miscreant steals a load of GPU hardware blueprints, leaks on GitHub

‘We believe the stolen graphics IP is not core to the competitiveness or security of our graphics products’ On Wednesday, AMD confirmed intellectual property related to its graphics processors was stolen last year, though insisted the leaked files will not damage its business nor compromise product security.…

Hey, China. Maybe you should have held your hackers off for a bit while COVID-19 ravaged the planet. Just a suggestion

Citrix, Cisco and Zoho-pwning APT41 attack wave seems in awfully bad taste Proving that no good crisis ever goes to waste, Chinese government hacking crew APT41 launched a campaign that abuses vulns in Citrix Netscaler and Zoho ManageEngine, according to threat intel outfit FireEye.…

Accenture Security: Remote working: Security tips for working from home

Given the COVID-19 / Corona situation, more people are working remotely than ever before. I believe, and this is what I also told my team in Accenture Security, is that we’re in a new world now where irreversible changes in the way we used to work have happened. Here is guidance, we all internally share Read more about Accenture Security: Remote working: Security tips for working from home[…]

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