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Work from home survey finds major security lapses as workers share devices, reuse passwords

Stay-at-home workers are threatening corporate IT security with 93 percent of them admitting they reuse passwords and 29 percent allowing other family members to use their company-issued devices for homework and online entertainment, according to a report from CyberArk. In a late April 2020 of 3,000 remote office workers and

New ransomware trends spotted: Auctioning stolen files, cybergangs joining forces

The tactics of human-operated ransomware campaigns continue to escalate. Victims who previously feared having their their systems disrupted, their files encrypted and their data stolen and published online may now face another ultimatum: Pay up or have your data auctioned off to the highest bidder. That’s the latest threat from

Justice asks Supreme Court to scuttle lower court order to turn over redacted Mueller grand jury docs

After the Supreme Court last month temporarily stopped a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal order for the Justice Department to hand over redacted Mueller grand jury information to House Democrats, the department is asking SCOTUS to overturn the lower court’s ruling. “In light of the national prominence of this grand-jury