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Report: FBI issues alert after two municipalities hacked via SharePoint

The FBI this month reportedly issued an alert to its private industry partners, warning that a probable nation-state hacking group had recently compromised the networks of two U.S. municipalities via unpatched, vulnerable Microsoft SharePoint servers. According to the report, from ZDNet, the flaw the hackers reportedly abused was CVE-2019-0604, a remote

Senate bill aimed at creating cybersecurity coordinators in states

Bipartisan legislation introduced in the Senate Friday would create a federal program to bolster response to cyberattacks in states by installing cybersecurity coordinators. Under the Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act, sponsored by Sens. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., Gary Peters, D-Mich., John Cornyn, R-Texas and Rob Portman, R-Ohio, the program would fall

Renewed Emotet phishing activity targets UN, government and military users

Since resuming operations after a holiday hiatus, the malicious actors behind the Emotet banking trojan network have reportedly targeted at least 82 countries with spam and crafted a special phishing campaign targeting the United Nations. Meanwhile, an additional report has revealed an increase in Emotet phishing activity targeting government and